Hitch Interactive, a San Francisco-based company specializing in AI, robotics, fintech, and the Metaverse, has launched its Hitch1999 platform for Web3. This platform introduces programmable NFTs built on the Immutable Miniverse Format (IMF) standard. The IMF standard allows for code-driven content and interactive experiences to be embedded within the NFTs.

The first collection, named “Yummy Hamo,” consists of 1,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT features a unique gourmet miniverse, celebrating global culinary culture.

IMF Standard Empowers NFTs with Programmable and Interoperable Content

The IMF standard aims to bring more substance and trust to the NFT sector by creating self-contained miniverses not dependent on third parties. These miniverses can include various types of content such as executable programs, exclusive text and animations, interactive games, and even private recipes from famous chefs.

Hitch Interactive Co-Founder Dr. Allen Yang states that the IMF standard can potentially expand the use cases of NFTs. He said, “The new IMF standard can significantly broaden the use cases of NFTs by immutably codifying each NFT’s utility as part of the NFT artwork. The Yummy Hamo NFTs are an exciting example of this standard, and a celebration of food and culture at the same time.”

The company plans to allow for minting other NFT collections with user-generated content on Web3 and the Metaverse. They also aim to improve the structure of NFTs by embracing code-centred principles from the open-source and blockchain communities.

Immutable Miniverse Format Features

The IMF standard enforces several features, including embedding immutable code as part of the token, which defines its utility. This ensures that the utility of the NFT does not depend on any identifiable third party and can be easily executed by anyone. Once the NFT is minted following the IMF standards, no further effort is needed from third parties to interpret, maintain, or enhance the utility of the NFT.

The launch of the Hitch1999 platform and the Yummy Hamo collection is part of Hitch Interactive’s broader portfolio, which includes educational and interactive experiences in emerging technologies. The company aims to bridge creators and innovators across various fields and offer immersive experiences in AI, Robotics, AR/VR, and Fintech.

With the IMF standard, NFTs are empowered to carry programmable and interoperable content, bringing new possibilities to the world of digital assets. By embedding immutable code within NFTs, Hitch Interactive is paving the way for self-contained miniverses that offer unique and interactive experiences.